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CLB Staff

Sterling Burroughs

Sterling Burroughs has been teaching dance for 37 years.  You can find him most days at his studio in Greystone.   He has a number of students that have earned countless awards and titles.  Noah Galloway trained at his Vestavia studio for Dancing with the Stars.  He teaches at local senior centers, high schools and lectures and teaches an accredited ballroom and Latin Dance class at UAB.  His Championship titles for both teaching and dancing are too numerous to list, but his most treasured accomplishments include being a 17 time U.S. Finalist and 3 time Champion.
He is certified with Dance Vision International Dancers Association (DVIDA) and a registered professional with the National Dance Council of America (NDCA).  
“Learning to dance opens up a whole new world to students.  The best part of my career is seeing the happiness that learning to dance brings.  A lifetime skill that builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment.”    
Sterling is a graduate of Chelsea High School, a proud father of 3 beautiful children and 1 grandchild and resides in Greystone, 

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